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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Indonesia Recipes

Indonesia is rich of recipes from ancestor to be generate to next generation . Many kind of recipes and health food you can find in Indonesia. Indonesia recipes dominated by rice as staple food in Indonesia , even other staples food are include corn, sago, cassava and sweet potatoes. Vegetable and fruit also are so many kind as a reason that Indonesia is Agriculture country.

Indonesia recipes is influenced by many country who ever droop and stay in Indonesia like India, Middle East, Chinese, Ducth, Japan who both of them ever as a colonizer to Indonesia and also Buddhism and Hindhusm as long as century ago. The dishes and recipes make bit influence as a colonizer and . Most of affected to Indonesia Recipes is Chinese Immigrant who lately domination to Indonesia Economic growth. Indonesia Recipes which influenced by Chinese recipes is Noodles.

Even though Indonesia it self have so many originally recipes food with interesting taste that dominate by Hot Dishes (chili) as a lead appetizer.
Below are many site who will bring you to many Dishes and Appetizer food that you can choose as you like to serve. Try to find which food you are like to cook such as fried rice, soto, bakso, rendang, sate (barbecue)and so many orriginally drinks you can try.
Here web site who serve Indonesia food, find one of them and try to understand Indonesia Food so full taste to increase your appetite.
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Do you still looking more Indonesia Recipe, try to search in my Search Engine, more recipes available there.

Happy cook.......

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Recipes Directory

Are you boring with your traditional food, so you want to skip or try with new menu or modern food, try to looking recipes what you want to take. Here many recipes around the world you find out, just check it out the link so will be bring you to recipes what you are looking for. You can try to new taste, so it will be increase your appetite. Many appetizer.

Many link with difference food type and taste so make your life felling comfortable

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